Monday, June 28, 2010

New books to choose from...

Hi Book Lovers, 

I have been to the bookstores and have a few titles to tempt you with.

Check out:

Lovers and Newcomers, by Rosie Thomas (it isn’t $55.00! You can get it at Borders, or Big W, Target etc for $25ish)

The Map of True Places , by Brunonia Barry

Indelible Ink , by Fiona McGregor

Trust , by Kate Veitch

So much for that , by Lionel Shriver

Please vote for the one you would prefer to read – you have until Monday 5th July.

AND...with all the Penguin Classics hitting the shelves – what about finally reading that ‘classic’ you have always wanted to. Then write us a little blurb letting us know if it lived up to your expectations.