Monday, October 4, 2010

The book for October is...

The Room by Emma Donoghue is the pick for bookclub!

Let's aim to finish reading and comment about this book by the 29 November.

Happy reading everyone! :)


  1. Woohoo. I still have time. Have to get it.

  2. Simple review of this book – READ THIS BOOK!!!

    A book to push your thought boundaries for the Christmas break...yes, yes I will give you until the end of the year now to read it and comment on it. I too was a little slack and only just finished reading ‘The Room’.

    This book is a much appreciated breath of fresh air. A thought-provoking and of course at time intense read but written so beautifully and cleverly that you can’t help but fall under its spell. Dive into Ma and Jack’s world – a world so different – so hard, but yet it is all that Jack knows. Was Ma right in telling Jack that all the people on the TV are made-up, all the things they do is all fantasy, and life in the ‘room’ is actually the only real world. Did you connect with Jack and with Ma? Did you want to hear from Ma’s point a view, did you feel you knew her and understood her thoughts and feelings as well as you wanted?

    So many questions we can discuss – come on readers, let me know what you thought!
    Spoiler alert...don’t read on if you want to know what happens...

    Did you feel the story correctly reflected how you thought they would have dealt with the ‘world’ once they escaped?
    What were your thoughts on the family and their acceptance/and lack of acceptance of Jack?
    Did you want to know more about how Ma felt once back with her family and having to tell Jack she had lied to him?
    Did you like the ending of the story?