Friday, January 21, 2011

The Lake of Dreams...

Because we had a tie - I have chosen The Lake of Dreams for us to read. Should be an interesting read. Here are some bookclub notes to help stimulate some thoughts to discuss as you read. Feel free to comment on any of the topics. Happy Reading - deadline for reading and commenting is the end of March - 31st....

Bookclub Notes


  1. I really enjoyed Kim Edward’s first novel – The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – and as with so many second novels I did have high expectations for her latest title – The Lake of Dreams. Unfortunately, some authors have missed the mark with their second. But I thought, with such a lovely title, cover and a storyline that piqued my interest – I was eager to give this story a go and well...I was pleasantly surprise.

    The Lake of Dreams is a beautifully written, thought-provoking, lusciously described, emotive, family saga. But not in the sense of ‘over the top, ridiculously dramatic and totally unbelievable type “saga” - more realistic, subtle mystery and gripping-type saga.

    Edward’s writing is eloquent and charming. Combined with a suspenseful and captivating plot with fleshed out characters – for me, it is a winner.
    I was easily drawn into Lucy and her family’s plights and personal struggles, I was genuinely eager to find out how each of them got to where they are and how they move forward given the unravelled mystery of their past. Lucy’s relationship with her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend is well-rounded, believable and understandable. Even her relationship with her mother and brother seems real and true to each of their characterisations.

    I would recommend this book to lovers of the elegance of language, those eager for a good family mystery, and those who wish to become immersed in a novel and totally involved in the lives of an intriguing family set within the gloriously described Lake of Dreams.

    P.S. There is a family tree at the back of the book – I had made my own early on in my reading of it, only to discover half way through that there was one already there. But don’t worry, it isn’t because there are loads of characters and it all gets a bit ridiculous, it is handy because there are a few ‘Josephs’!

  2. I thought this book was ok. I agree that the writing was eloquent and contained beautiful, evocative descriptions without being overwritten. I generally enjoyed reading the book while I was reading it. The problem for me was that it wasn't compelling enough and as soon as I put the book down, I often forgot to pick it up again. I didn't understand Lucy's motivation for digging into her family history and why it was so important that she did. Of course, it turns out that it does relate to her life in some small way, but for most of the novel I was thinking, who cares? This all happened a hundred years ago.

    I also didn't understand the motivation for Art's big reveal. Why say anything after a decade of silence?

    This book is a good holiday read - light and enjoyable enough but it doesn't leave a lasting impression for me.

  3. I have to admit to having not read a word in six weeks thanks to the Lil Monkey, but I did start it in the blissful maternity leave weeks before she arrived and I have to second Monkeychops. While I'm only partway through, Lucy's character seems a tad pathetic and I don't really relate to her driving need to delve deeper into the family history to find these women.

    I think she's supposed to appear sort of dreamy and whimsical but her conflicting relationships with the ex and the present lover kind of leave me going "make up your mind", and I didn't buy some of the dialogue she has with her brother. What brother says "I like him you know," about their sister's boyfriend and reminds her what a good time they had in Indonesia on holiday in that fashion. It just didn't ring true of brotherly/sisterly conversations (maybe it's just me). Having said that, I do plan to finish it if Mich will grant me extra time! And perhaps there's a big reveal that will rock my world!