Friday, June 24, 2011

Let's all read about Rachael!

The Book of Rachael wins!! So get cracking booklovers - you have until the 19th of August to read and comment on this read. Happy reading!!!


  1. I'm buying it as an ebook to read on my iPhone. Have found I can read in snatches on the iPhone and it feels less frustrating than putting down a printed book. I am starting to be a convert!

  2. Any way you can get your reading fix is good hon! And yes, I know how you find it hard to put down a book once you start - so this might definitely be the answer!! Let us know how you go with it. xx

  3. Now if you start reading this book and get a little confused thinking ‘But I thought this was the story of Jesus' where is the mention of Jesus?’ just hang in there as all will be revealed. Remember that this is a tale about Jesus where he is portrayed as your average guy living in Nazareth, helping his family, falling in love and eventually carrying out the events we know from the bible!

    This book is a very interesting read - convincingly portraying the harsh reality of being a women living during these times. It also credibly explains the ‘factual’ story of Jesus, his relationship with his family and Judah and the events that spurred him on to preach the word of God. What Cannold has created is both insightful and agreeable – I completely became immersed in the story and could honestly believe that yes, this is who Jesus could have been and this is what his family was like and the events that happened were entirely believable. She has obviously done her research and I think does complete justice to the voice of a sister of Jesus.

    As a lover of history-based stories I was fascinated to learn more about the life of a woman in the times of Jesus and I was astounded at the harsh realities of it. Tell you what, I would not have liked to live during those times. The women (who unfortunately are not well captured in history texts) seem to have lived a life of great oppression – I don’t think we can ever really complain about ‘doing it tough!’.

    The Book of Rachael has a lot of positives – it is well written, imaginative, realistic, historical and emotive. I appreciated knowing Rachael intimately, I admired her, I felt for her and I like to believe that if there was a Jesus, he was surrounded by such courageous, intelligent and supportive women. Cannold should be proud of what she has created – I honestly believe that the sisters of Jesus would be pleased to see their ‘stories’ captured and brought to life so eloquently.